Houston Dock Levelers

Houston, Texas is experiencing a surge in the Energy manufacturing industries. Dock levelers are being put to the test on a daily basis. Energy manufacturing giant Phillips 66 considers Houston it’s home town. Our customer contacted us because they were tired of replacing the springs on their outdated mechanical dock levelers from the 1970’s. We were able to get the existing pit dimensions from our customer. We decided to custom fabricate an HU6008 Blue Giant hydraulic dock leveler to fit perfectly where the old units once resided. The HU6008 allows for dock operation 12″ above and 12″ below the dock level height. This was important because our customer services a variety of trailer heights at their 48″ loading dock. We also included a 3-wheel center deck support. The center support will accommodate a couple of 3 wheel fork trucks our customer still uses on a daily basis. The support helps alleviate cupping of the dock leveler platform from the pressures exerted by the three wheel tow motor. Last but certainly not least when it comes to safety, we provided them with SVR303 StrongArm Vehicle Restraint systems. The restraint system holds the trailers tight to the dock during loading and unloading. This will ensure there is no chance of a trailer pulling away from the building while a fork lift transitions in and out. For the cost of a couple thousand dollars, these things save lives!!

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Houston Dock Leveler Sales