Gorbel Road Ranger Mobile Anchor Fall Arrest

Arrest Falls Anywhere

  • Rated for Highway Towing up to 65mph
  • Easy to Position with Mast in Folded Position or Fully Deployed
  • Fully Extends to 18, 20, or 22 ft. Height to Address a Wide Range of Jobs
  • Allows Single User to Move Freely Within a 30 Degree Work Angle in All Directions
  • Rugged Steel Construction For Superior Strength and Resilient Finish to Withstand Harsh Environments

Highway Travel Not Needed?

If you will be using your Ranger in the factory or around the yard, you can save some cash by going with the Original Ranger. The Original Ranger is designed for towing up to 25 mph around the facility and construction site. Learn more about the Original Ranger here.

Mobile Portable Jobsite Fall Arrest System

Gorbel Road Ranger – Mobile Anchor Fall Arrest System

Gorbel Road Ranger Mobile Anchor

The Gorbel Road Ranger is the newest addition to the Ranger Mobile Anchor family of products.

The Road Ranger mobile anchor offers many of the same options as the original Ranger, with the exception that it can handle highway travel up to 65 m.p.h. We added a suspension system for over the road travel, as well as lighting and various safety options necessary to comply with state and federal highway travel requirements.

The Road Ranger fall arrest system offers three height adjustment options, 18′, 20′ or 22′. The adjustable height 2″ ball coupler attaches to trucks or other towing equipment within seconds.

Set up is quick and simple. First, park the mobile anchor in a spot congruent to your area of work. Second, deploy the outriggers for proper stability. Third, raise the boom to your desired height. Lastly, hook the self-retracting lifeline to your full body harness, and go about your work knowing you are safe in the event of a misstep.

Dimensions and Specifications

Gorbel Road Ranger Dimensions Specifications

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