Loading Dock Safety

There are many risks and up to 100 opportunities a day, per shift, per single dock for the most serious of accidents to occur. With this risk multiplied by your number of working days per year, the possibility of occurrence increases exponentially. Loading Dock Safety needs to be a primary concern of any facility!

Loading Dock Safety Protocols

Common Methods to Increase Loading Dock Safety

  • Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint – Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint technology centers around a non-impact “swing-up” arm design that is designed to confine a vehicles rear impact guard or ICC bar. Vehicles remain safely stationed at the dock without time consuming and uncertain chocking.
  • Mechanical Vehicle Restraint – Simplicity of design, heavy-duty construction materials and minimal maintenance/ lubrication requirements reflect on long-term low cost of operation.
  • XDS Door & Dock Guard -(see below) The heavy-duty guard is specifically designed to prevent forklift roll-off and overhead door damage.
  • StrongArm Dock Lip Barrier -(see below) Offers a security line of defense at the loading dock.

Extra Loading Dock Safety – XDS-2000 / XDS-3000 / XDS-4000 Series

The Blue Giant XDS safety series compliments an otherwise standard dock leveler.
  • Loading Dock Safety with Blue Giant XDS Vehicle Restraint System and SVR303Control station with large stop button for added safety.
  • Keypad override with light warning signal for ground-level hand bombing applications.
  • Safety maintenance strut on dock leveler.
  • Full operating range toe guards with safety striping on dock leveler for maximum operator safety.
  • Hydraulic (velocity fuse) fall-safe system to prevent platform free-fall
  • UL/CSA approved motor and controls
  • Dual purpose lip keepers for both cross traffic support and automatic night locks to prevent building access through the leveler.
  • Bumpers to protect the building wall
  • Traffic lights package
  • Loading Dock Safety at its best!
XDS-3000 & XDS-4000 offer the following additional options
  • Vehicle restraint interlock to prevent release of restraint until dock is returned to stored position
  • Keypad operated restraint override that allows leveler to be used in instances where no rear impact guard is present (inside LED lights flash yellow, outside LED lights remain red).
  • Dock Leveler interlock to prevent cycle of dock leveler until vehicle restraint arm is in position.
  • Traffic lights package


Brochure Download – Extra Loading Dock Safety Series – XDS


 StrongArm DLB Series – Dock Lip Barrier

The StrongArm™ Dock Lip Barrier is your line of defense to prevent accidental forklift roll-off when the overhead door is open and no trailer is stationed at the dock. It’s the leader in loading dock safety.
When in the stored position, the StrongArm Dock Lip Barrier extends 5″ above the cross traffic position providing an active, full dock width solid steel barrier.
When the dock is being used or the lip is in the extended working position, the lip remains flush or level with the deck plate providing smooth, unobstructed transition for materials loading or unloading. Also included are the means of lowering the lip below level dock operations.
The StrongArm™ Dock Lip Barrier is designed to withstand up to 15,000lb load impact at 5mph. The solid high tensile one piece steel lip plus 1″ diameter lip hinge pin provides additional structural integrity for continued product performance and longevity.
Available on all “A” Series hydraulic dock leveler models with capacities from 30,000 to 80,000 lbs.
There are many dock safety choices, all under the Blue Giant® name. Ask for the StrongArm™ Series of dock safety products.
Loading Dock Safety should be addressed at each and every loading dock in your facility.




Brochure Download – StrongArm™ Dock Lip Barrier