Vehicle Restraint System

 Vehicle Restraint System - Loading Dock Design Standards - Blue Giant SVR 303 StrongArm - Rite Hite

Vehicle Restraint System – StrongArm™ SVR303 — by Blue Giant

Restraint Characteristics and Features

  • 35,000lb restraining strength and 100,000lb mounting force
  • Low profile, non-impact design. Can restrain all types of ICC bars. Including those that are bent or damaged.
  • Vertical restraining from 8″ to 26″ above grade.
  • Horizontal restraining range of up to 12″ from the face of the dock with standard bumpers. (Horizontal extension plates available).
  • May be manually released in event of power failure.
  • If any obstruction (i.e. ice or snow) prevents the restraint arm from lowering, the arm will pound on the object five times to dissolve the blockage.

Intelligent Positioning System

  • Switchless Intelligent Positioning System (IPS) detects a truck’s ICC bar without using mechanical switches.
  • Provides integrated communication with the lights system. This ensures accurate reading and positioning at all times.
  • Added reliability is assured by the absence of mechanical switches that are typically prone to maintenance and adjustment requirements.

Regenerative Cylinder

  • Corrosion-resistant: adapts well to rain and snow conditions
  • Full positive motion
  • Smaller oil tank – advantages for installation

Advanced Communication System

  • Blue Genius™ Gold Series II controls a hydraulic vehicle restraint via “Engage” and “Release” touch buttons.
  • On-board diagnostics and communications feature a user-friendly, multi-language LCD intelligent text display. Along with a touch keypad with supervisory override and security options.
  • STOP button freezes restraint movement if an emergency arises.
  • Includes LED interior red/yellow/green and exterior red/green traffic lights. Driver warning signs are also included. A programmable audible alarm is optional.
  • NEMA4X/IP65 rated enclosure (wash-down and corrosion resistant). Exterior traffic lights are rated NEMA6/IP67 submersible.

Easy to Maintain and Built to Last

  • 5 year structural warranty
  • Zinc plating provides anti-rusting (corrosion) properties and improves product longevity
  • Double acting, chrome-coated cylinders. Along with self-lubricating bushings, provide maximum protection from debris and ensure reliable performance.
  • No mechanical switches to maintain or replace. Intelligent Positioning System cover is NEMA 6 / IP67 rated (submersible)
  • UL/CSA/CE approved components

Theft Deterrence

  • The StrongArm™ SVR303 Vehicle Restraint System can be left engaged overnight, providing added security at the loading bay.
  • The optional audible alarm will sound, and the security interlock will signal a breach if the restraint is manually disengaged while powered on.
  • Optional tamper proof hardware is available
  • Network capable – can be interlocked with a loading bay’s own security system to signal any tampering attempts.
Vehicle Restraint System Brochure Download – StrongArm SVR303 by Blue Giant


TL85 & TL85A Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint – by Blue Giant

Vehicle Restraint System - Loading Dock Design Standards TL85 TL85A - Blue Giant - Rite HiteFeatures

  • Non-impact design
  • Controlled by the Blue Genius™ Gold Series II
  • Includes LED interior red/yellow/green and exterior red/green traffic lights and driver warning signs
  • Restraining strength of 35,000 lbs and mounting force of 100,000 lbs
  • Vertical restraining range of 12″ – 29″ above grade
  • Horizontal restraining range of up to 12″ from the face of the dock with standard bumpers (horizontal extension plates available)
  • Wall or ground mounted (must specify ground mount with order)
  • Wand detects ICC bar
  • Available with remote (TL85A) or self contained power pack (TL85)
  • Only three (3) moving parts on this Vehicle Restraint
  • Forty-five (45) degree actuated arm lock
  • Vehicle Restraint System arm manufactured from 1.5″ solid steel
  • Corrosion-resistant Nitride coating on piston rod. Cylinder is completely sealed against foreign contamination.
  • Power available for single or three-phase operation with all voltages (must specify at time of order)
  • In the rare event of a truck without a proper ICC bar, the ICC sensing system alerts dock attendant and driver of unsafe condition
Vehicle Restraint System Brochure Download – TL85 by Blue Giant

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