Typically, a loading dock lift will cost 1/3 the price of a fork truck. A quick and favorable payback is noticed when compared to the long term cost associated with operating a forklift and manually loading/off-loading a trailer. The LoMaster Series Dock Lift will also greatly reduce handling costs, cargo damage and employee injury that is common with vertical transfer operations.

The LoMaster Loading Dock Lift from Blue Giant provides a safe and efficient way to handle endless materials handling applications. Grocery stores, schools, hospitals, postal services and distribution centers are good examples of applications for a low-profile workhorse like the LoMaster Dock Lift.

The Blue Giant loading dock lift is available in many sizes with standard capacities ranging from 5,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs.

Standard Features

  • Remote power pack with 12′ hydraulic hose
  • Push button control on 12′ straight cord
  • Hydraulic pump with built-in overload relief
  • Hydraulic and oil hoses included
  • Up-travel limit switch
  • Motor, controls, push button factory pre-wired & tested (UL/CSA approved)
  • Full length deck beam for maximum support
  • Solid plate steel legs for maximum support
  • 8″ tapered toe guard protection on stationary models only
  • Handrails with 4″ kick plate and barrier chain across both ends
  • Checkered deck and 18″ long lip with lifting chain on rolling end
  • Hard chromed pivot pins at cylinder and center pin
  • All pivot points equipped with maintenance free lifetime lubricated bushings
  • Scissor leg roller bearings – maintenance free
  • Precision safety velocity fuses on hydraulic cylinders to prevent platform freefall
  • Mechanical, hinged to frame, flip-down maintenance stop on stationary models only
  • Completely sealed, weather resistant cylinders vented back to hydraulic tank to prevent contaminant entry into cylinder
  • Complies to ANSI MH29.1 standards
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty

LoMaster Dock LiftStationary Dock Lift Options

  • 24VAC voltage control
  • Key switch on push button
  • Electric toe guard protection
  • Warning horn with volume control
  • Flashing amber beacon
  • Aluminum lip
  • Spring and hydraulic assisted lips
  • Mechanical pop-up wheel chock
  • Accordion safety skirting
  • Interlock swing gates
  • Low temp oil
  • Submersion heater for oil reservoir
  • 3-10 HP remote power packs
  • Consult factory for additional options

Dock Lift Brochure – LoMaster Series By Blue Giant


Portable Shipping Dock LiftIn the event that the cost of forming a concrete pit/pad is too expensive, an economical solution is the LoMaster Semi-Portable Dock Lift. The unit is installed at the dock face and mounted on locating cradles and wear plates. With its extremely low profile, the LoMaster Semi-Portable Dock Lift provides added versatility for ground level loading/unloading operations.

The same high quality construction features found in the stationary models are incorporated into all LoMaster Semi-Portable Loading Dock Lifts.

  • Each lift cylinder is encased in a weather-resistant, all steel housing.
  • Precision velocity fuses on each hydraulic cylinder eliminates platform free-fall.
  • All hard chromed pivot points are fitted with lifetime-lubricated bearings or Teflon coated bronze bushings.
  • Indicator sensing bars and high visibility striping provide four sided toe protection.
  • Sturdy steel handrails with 4″ kick plate and barrier chains at both ends provide added operator safety. An 18″ long lip with lifting chain on the rolling end is standard.

Portable Dock Lift Options

  • Portable dolly
  • 24VAC voltage control
  • Key switch on push button
  • Warning horn with volume control
  • Electric toe guard protection
  • Flashing amber beacon
  • Aluminum lip
  • 3-5 HP remote power pack

Dock Lift Brochure – LoMaster Series By Blue Giant