Gorbel Ranger Mobile Anchor Fall Protection

Ranger Mobile Anchor

Ranger Mobile Anchor – Fall Protection System

Arrest Falls – Anywhere!

The Gorbel Ranger Mobile Anchor fall protection system provides the necessary anchorage point right where you need it, outside or indoors. It fits the bill, whether maintaining railroad cars, aircraft, industrial equipment or heavy machinery. The new addition to the Tether Track fall arrest line can be easily moved into position with or without a vehicle and erected within minutes.

The Ranger comes equipped with an adjustable 2 inch ball coupler for attaching to trucks, and related towing devices.  The innovative design incorporates fork pockets to allow for smooth loading and unloading during transport or for general movement via fork lift. All controls and components are easily accessible from ground level.

  • Fully extends to 18, 20, or 22 foot heights to address a wide range of jobs
  • Easy to position with mast in folded position or fully deployed
  • Allows a single user to move freely within a 30 degree work angle in all directions
  • Rugged steel construction provides superior strength
  • Resilient finish helps withstand harsh outdoor and indoor environments
  • Hinged tow bar conveniently folds out of way
  • Pivoting D-Ring for quick attachment of self-retracting lanyard
  • Heavy duty, steel outriggers with large diameter feet for superior stabilization

Ranger Portable Fall Protection

Why choose the Gorbel Ranger?

  • The Ranger allows employees to set-up and maneuver in locations where periodic maintenance and related activities need to be performed on large equipment.
  • The Ranger is the perfect solution for safety inspections that must be performed on holding tanks, outdoor generators and other large pieces of equipment that have no reliable options for tie-off.
  • When used with a full body harness and self retracting lifeline, the Ranger Mobile Anchor system provides a complete fall protection system on-the-go!

Portable Fall Protection

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Ranger Mobile Anchor Fall Arrest Protection

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