Among Beaton Industrial’s large variety of storage products are lockers. Lockers can be used to secure storage of workers’ materials, office supplies or whatever you wish to keep safely stored. Beaton industrial  supplies and installs lockers in a variety of colors, brands and styles, in both large and small quantities depending on your specific locker needs.

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Types of Lockers

  • Standard Steel Lockers – Standard duty for schools, hospitals, institutions and industrial workplaces.
  • Heavy Duty Lockers – For higher abuse schools and industrial environments.
  • Antimicrobial Lockers – Standard steel lockers finished in an advanced powder coating technology that inhibits mold, bacterial and odor build-up on locker surfaces, as well as the touch transfer of microbes on lockers.
  • Heavy Duty Ventilated Lockers – Durable steel lockers, with maximum ventilation, for higher abuse school and industrial environments.
  • Heavy Duty All Welded Lockers – High strength steel lockers with welded construction for maximum strength in schools and industrial environments.
  • IFAW Lockers – “Integrated Frame All-Welded” lockers, the ultimate anti-abuse, anti-vandalism lockers.
  • Expanded Metal Lockers – Standard duty steel lockers with diamond perforated front and sides for maximum ventilation and visibility.
  • Collegiate & Deluxe Collegiate Lockers – Heavy duty over-sized steel lockers with diamond perforated front and sides for maximum storage and ventilation for bulky athletic gear.
  • Command™ Gear Lockers – Heavy duty military gear steel locker with open face and two lockable storage compartments.
  • TA-50 Gear Lockers – Heavy duty military gear steel locker for maximum security, ventilation and storage.
  • Valor™ Law Enforcement Lockers – This heavy duty steel law enforcement locker is designed to meet all of the customer’s specifications.
  • Exchange Master® Lockers – Exchange Master® lockers offer a highly effective security system for the storage of uniforms, linens, protective clothing, personal items, tools, etc. Up to 16 people can have the security of individual locker compartments, yet a uniform/linen supplier or supervisor can open the master door for servicing.
  • Specialty Lockers – ADA compliant lockers, Cubbie lockers for kids, Designer Line, 2-person and duplex lockers, Food industry lockers and more…


Valor™ Law Enforcement Lockers

This heavy duty steel law enforcement locker is designed by none other than America’s Finest!
  • Chrome plated handle cup with padlock accessible lift handle.
  • Maximum ventilation throughout locker to keep garments, vests and boots cool and dry.
  • One full width top shelf for hat, badge and other accessories.
  • Electrical cutout in the rear top corner for electrical feed for laptop, cell phone or other accessories.
  • Coat rod and coat hooks.
  • Door access compartment for small personal items with padlocking capability.
  • Boot/shoe tray is removable and perforated, easy to clean and maximizes ventilation.
  • Large pull out drawer for boots and larger gear with an auto-lock feature, when drawer closes it locks automatically; when needing access just lift the latch mechanism within the locker and open.
  • The Valor™ Law Enforcement Lockers are engineered to meet and exceed law enforcement specifications and requirements. Please contact Beaton Industrial for specifications and pricing.



Command™ Gear Lockers

This heavy-duty, all-welded locker is the highest level solution for the storage and protection of all pilot flight related equipment.
  • Open storage area for flight helmets
  • Lockable upper storage compartment for personal effects
  • Aluminum 3-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ label holder
  • Heavy-duty, 16-gauge, 7/8″ diameter hanging rods for flight gear, plus two side hooks for lighter gear
  • Ventilated sides
  • Large compartment to house the torso harness, G-suit / G-vest, survival vest and related flying equipment jacket and helmet bags
  • Lockable lower storage compartment for additional equipment
  • Ships set up / Ready to install
  • Standard Color: Putty / Lockers can also be custom painted in Flight Squadron colors
  • Overall Locker Dimensions: 24″w x 24″d x 72″h
  • As an added protection, a high tech finish fights bacterial/fungal growth on locker surfaces, as well as the touch transfer of these microbes – 24/7

TA-50 Military Gear Lockers

This heavy-duty, fully ventilated and all-welded locker is the ultimate storage solution for government and military grade gear and equipment.
  • Heavy-gauge “unibody” construction
  • 16-gauge steel top with 14-gauge reinforced bottom, back, doors, and sides
  • Chrome-plated, pad-lockable handle with a high security 3-point latching system
  • 16-gauge steel shelf with center reinforcing channel for a 200 lb. capacity
  • Pre-punched holes in back, sides and bottom for attaching lockers to each other and/or to the wall or floor (anchoring).
  • 1″ coat rod and 4 coat hooks to hang coats, uniforms and heavy field dress.
  • Overall Locker Dimensions = 42″w x 24″d x 78″h



Common Locker Terminology

  • Single Tier Lockers – Are widely used to provide ample storage for full length garments with shelf space for books, electronics, lunches, etc. No mater what size, Single tier lockers will have only one door opening from the top of the frame to the bottom.
  • Double Tier Lockers – Are designed for short coats and jackets. Two-tier lockers will have two doors sharing the height of what would otherwise be one door.
  • Triple-Tier Lockers – Save valuable floor space while providing over 2 cu. ft. of storage. Just like the double tier lockers, the Three-tier lockers share three individual openings (doors) in the vertical space provided (usually 60″ or 72″).
  • Four, Five, and Six Tier Lockers – Although less common than single, double and triple-tier lockers; four, five, and six-tier lockers are a readily available option. Some locker manufacturer’s even make 10 tier personal effects lockers.
  • Frames Wide – Lockers come in standard frame setups of 1-wide, 2-wide, 3-wide, and occasionally 4 & 5 wide. A 1-wide locker is just that, one locker width with how every many tiers (vertical doors) are ordered. A 3-wide locker will be 3 lockers attached at the sides to make one easy-to-install unit.
  • Knocked Down– When a locker is sold as a knocked down unit, this implies an installation team will have to assemble different panels to make the lockers when their shipment is received.
  • Set Up – Set up lockers are shipped to the customer assembled and ready for installation. These lockers will have been assembled by factory personnel using nuts, bolts, and rivets. Set up lockers cost slightly more than knocked down lockers.
  • All Welded – All welded lockers are assembled in the factory and nuts, bolts, and rivets are replaced by a series of spot-welds to form an extremely durable locker. All welded lockers cost slightly more than set-up lockers.

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