Gorbel Ranger Demo – Mobile Fall Arrest Anchor

Ranger Mobile Anchor DemoOur friend Bill from Gorbel stopped by today to show us the new Road Ranger Mobile Fall Arrest Anchor, and provide a short demonstration. The Ranger is a mobile fall arrest anchor designed for a single worker. The ranger meets all OSHA and ANSI regulations for fall protection devices.

Ranger Mobile Anchor

Ranger Mobile Anchor Brochure – NOT for Highway Travel 

To learn more about the Original Ranger, visit the Ranger page.

Gorbel Road Ranger Sales

Road Ranger Brochure – For HIGHWAY TRAVEL Up To 65 m.p.h.

To learn more about the Road Ranger, visit the Road Ranger page.

There are currently two versions of the mobile anchor, the yard version and the highway version. The yard version is designed for use in the factory and outside around the customer’s facility. This model can be loaded via forklift pockets onto a trailer for short and long haul travel.

The most recent addition to the Ranger family of products is the Road Ranger. The road version is designed for the company on the go. We took the original ranger and added a beefed up suspension, trailer lights, and a number of highway safety factors. The Road Ranger can travel the highway and be towed at speeds up to 65 m.p.h.

The Road Ranger is considered a single-use piece of equipment, which means it can be towed without registration or insurance in many states. Please check your local codes to see if this rule applies to your state of residence.

If we can answer any questions for you, please don’t hesitate to give Jon a call at 800-724-4052 x101