Dock Levelers in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is home to many fan favorites including the Bills, the Juicy Lucy, and my personal favorite the chicken wing. It is also home to some of New York states finest companies, including Wegmans Supermarkets. We recently installed a new Hydraulic Dock Leveler in Buffalo. Our customer wished to install a new fast lane loading dock at their facility. The dock manager had noticed that certain trucks coming in on a regular basis had only 1 pallet to unload. This was unlike the majority of their trucks that require the entire trailer be unloaded. These smaller load trailers were having to wait sometime hours before getting a dock spot to unload their one pallet. A process that set them back everyday in the mix of their routine local deliveries. Eventually, our customer began to be fined with excessive wait times from their carrier. Fines that can almost double the cost of the original shipment. It was a win-win to install the fast lane dock leveler. Their local suppliers are now able to unload their one pallet in almost record time. Best of all, our customer is no longer spending double the money on their delivery charges. We did a return on investment study, and found that the cost of the leveler and new dock location will pay for itself within 6-8 months.

If you have an application that could benefit from a new hydraulic leveler, please give us a call at 315-797-9346. We will be happy to work up pricing and approval drawings for your review. If you prefer email, please use the red contact-us button to the right.

Buffalo Dock Leveler Equipment