How to Determine Proper Dock Leveler Width

Loading-Dock-System-Guide_page38_image26Dock Levelers and Width Selection

Most all manufacturers now offer three standard widths for their mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic dock levelers. The three common widths are 6′ wide, 6’6″ wide, and 7′ wide, nominal. The 6′ wide dock levelers are most common and can accommodate the majority of loading dock applications.

Six foot wide dock leveler –>

Loading-Dock-System-Guide_page38_image25With the invention of wider trailers and side-by-side pallet arrangements, there is a new trend toward 6’6″ and 7′ wide levelers. The 7′ wide units provide the best access for end loading side-by-side pallets. When ordering the 7′ wide dock leveler, we recommend that the lip be tapered at the end from 7′ to 6’6″ wide to accommodate narrow trailers. However, the industry has recently seen a shift in standard trailer width increasing to 96″ internally, therefore tapering the lip is not always necessary. Maintaining the 7′ width allows for maximum maneuvering and eliminates the drop off area that will be created with the use of a tapered lip.

Seven foot wide dock leveler –>

Loading-Dock-System-Guide_page38_image24A 6’6″ wide dock leveler can often serve as a good in-between size. It is quickly becoming the popular choice for applications requiring a wider leveler.

Keep in mind we can customize your dock leveler to fit any custom application or existing pit dimensions.

Six and a half foot wide Dock Leveler –>

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