Tractor Supply Distribution Center – Frankfort, New York

When it’s completed, the new Tractor Supply distribution center in Frankfort, NY will be one of the largest single-floor buildings in the state of New York. It’s footprint encompasses an impressive 23 acres of land, and is just shy of 1,000,000 square feet.

In addition to this impressive feat, Tractor Supply has already received approval for a 330,000 square foot addition to be added on.

Beaton Industrial was subcontracted to provide (98) bi-directional Loading Dock Doors, along with a plethora of accessories noted below from sections 8, 10, and 11.

Loading Dock Leveler

Tractor Supply DC project

Section 08331 Rolling Steel Doors by Wayne Dalton

  •  2ea – 12’0” x 18’0” Coiling Service  Doors at Ramp locations
  •  Motor Operated, Insulated
  •  3ea – 12’0” x 18’0” Coiling Fire Doors
  •  Gear Reduction Hand Chain Hoist Operated, Fusible Links

Section 08333 Sectional Overhead Doors by Wayne Dalton

  • 98ea – 9’2” x 9’1” Full Vertical Sectional Dock Doors
  • Manually Operated TS 200,  R-Value 17.5,
  • 97ea – Bottom Bi-Directional Breakaway panels by Thermostop
  • 97sets – 36”high Track Guards by Save-Ty-Yellow Products
  • 3ea – Door Monitors by Collision Awareness Products
  • Detects traffic from both sides of the wall
  • 13ea – 9’2” x 9’0” Coiling Bug Doors by Gateway Industrial Products
  • Manually Operated, Spring Assist

PHASE II General Trades

Section 10150 Toilet Partitions by Global

  • 26 Compartments Powder Coated Steel
  • 3 Wall Hung Urinal Screens Powder Coated Steel

Section 10350 Flagpoles by Poletech

  • 2ea – 55’ Aluminum Tapered Flagpoles
  • Section 10500 Safety View Lockers by Hallowell
  • 190ea – 12” x 15” Double Tier Safety View with Clear Polycarbonate Windows

Section 10520 Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets

  • 78ea – Cosmic 10E Fire Extinguishers
  • 67ea – Mark Brackets
  • 11ea – Ambassador Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Section 10800 Restroom Accessories by Bobrick, Xcelerator, ASI

Section11131 Projection Screens by Da-Lite / Milestone

  • 3ea – Electric Recessed Projection Screens, 113” Diagonal