Mezzanine Historical Maintenance

A couple weeks ago, we received a call from the National Park Service (NPS) at Fort Stanwix National Monument in Rome, NY. After visiting with the maintenance crew, it was clear they needed more storage space. When working with historical sites, the goal is to keep the building of new structures to a minimum and preserve the property the way it was found.

In Upstate NY we experience all 4 seasons. After careful review, all parties agreed that we could help the maintenance department recover valuable floor space by installing a Heartland mezzanine to store out of season tools off the main floor when they are not needed. During the summer months, the mezzanine will be used to store winter tools and materials like snowblowers, pallets of salt, and the like. In the winter, the summer tools such as push mowers, weed wackers, and similar tools will be stored up and out of the way. The cost of a mezzanine is minimal compared to the thought of erecting a new building.

The Heartland Mezzanine was chosen for their ability to manufacture high capacity mezzanines with large clear spans. This system measured 30′ wide x 14′ deep and was erected with just 4 columns so that ground floor access remained unobstructed.

Mezzanine National Park Service Maintenance Building


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