Cleveland Tramrail Bridge Crane at Helmont Mills Textile Manufacturing Plant

Helmont Mills is a textile manufacturing company specializing in warp knitting. Located in Upstate NY, the factory was in the process of expanding and new machines were being added to the production line. In an attempt to maximize floor real estate, increase production, and reduce on the job injuries, Helmont Mills decided to do away with the antiquated forklift spool handling method, and opted for a new Cleveland Tramrail bridge crane from Beaton Industrial.


The placement of the bridge crane over the work area allowed system access to all the knitting machines without having to waste floor space for forklift traffic. Overall, the feedback from Helmont Mills has been fantastic. They have experienced an increase in production due to the time saved servicing and swapping out spools on the machine. They informed us that the new production method is far more safer and ergonomic than the old forklift method. Without the bridge crane, there would be far more manual labor required to switch out spools, a practice that increased the chance of on the job injuries.

The maintenance supervisor reported back that he is extremely happy with the smoothness in which the crane system operates.