Chain Hoists Shipped to Seattle

Seattle Washington is home to the commercial aerospace industry leader, Boeing. Our customer was in need of a 1 Ton Coffing JLC electric chain hoist for one of their assembly stations. The new hoist was outfitted with stainless steel chain, and a specialized end effector from Schlumpf-Inc USA.  The chain hoist and end effector were hung from a Gorbel Freestanding Crane System. Due to the nature of the aerospace industry, there is not much more info we can discuss without giving away our customers trade secrets.

As with many hoists requests, time was of the essence. Luckily we have an in-house staff of CM factory trained technicians, and a few hundred thousand dollars of hoists in stock at any given time. If you or your company are in need of a hoist fast, please be sure to call our office and speak with Jon. As in life, there are no guarantee’s we will have exactly what you need; but I can guarantee we will go the extra mile to exhaust all efforts, and utilize all resources at our disposal to have you up in running faster than our competition. It’s what we do best, “Since 1989“.

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Seattle Electric Chain Hoists