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Bridge Cranes
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Dock Equipment
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Modular Offices
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Overhead Doors
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Scissor Lifts
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Storage Products
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Stretch Wrappers

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Our Manufacturing Partners

Rousseau Metal Products

Rousseau Metal Products

Rousseau Metal ProductsRousseau Metal is the industry leader in Modular Drawer Cabinet design and storage innovation. Shop Rousseau Products Online
Coffing & CM Hoists

Coffing & CM Hoists

Coffing & CM HoistsCoffing & CM Hoists offer the most durable and time tested hoists in the industry.

Shop Coffing & CM Hoists

Blue Giant Loading Dock Equipment

Blue Giant Loading Dock Equipment

Blue Giant Loading Dock EquipmentBlue Giant is the global leader and manufacturer of the finest Loading Dock Equipment on the Planet. They specialize in Loading Dock Levelers, Vehicle Restraint Systems, and Loading Dock Seals & Shelters. Shop Blue Giant Equipment

Balers & Compactors

Industrial Balers are used to recycle the materials used during product handling, such as cardboard, plastic wrap, and foam. Recycling companies are eager to purchase these ready to recycle bales, so the return on investment of a baler purchase is a rather quick one.

Bridge Cranes

Bridge Cranes are used throughout a variety of industrial applications to increase productivity and employee ergonomics. Bridge cranes can be installed during new building construction or post construction through a variety of runway options.


Conveyor Systems are utilized in many different industrial applications. From sorting and packaging the freshly picked apples we purchase at the supermarket, to moving entire pallets of beer throughout the canning and bottling process, conveyors are a very efficient method of moving products throughout the facility.

More Information on Conveyors

We offer a variety of conveyor systems to fit nearly every application. To learn more about how a conveyor system can benefit your operation, call 1-800-724-4052.

  • Conveyor Systems Page
  • Chain Hoists

    We carry a large selection of both Manual and Electric Chain Hoists. Chain hoists have traditionally been used to lift and relocate large and heavy objects within a facility. With the growing emphasis on employee ergonomics, Chain Hoists are being employed to move lighter loads that allow employees to work safer and more efficiently.

    Loading Docks

    Loading Dock Equipment is a necessity of conducting business. From Dock Levelers to Dock Seals, to Dock Bumpers and Vehicle Restraint Systems, we carry a large selection of dock equipment to meet your facilities needs.


    Lockers are used in a variety of applications including everything from Corridor & Gym Lockers for Schools to Military and Law Enforcement Gear Lockers for local and federal agencies.

    More Information on Lockers

    There are many different types of lockers for any given situation. Standard duty, Heavy Duty, Antimicrobial, All-Welded, Expanded Metal, Angle Iron, Collegiate, and Law Enforcement lockers are just a few of the options available from Beaton Industrial.

  • Learn More about Lockers Here
  • Mezzanines

    Mezzanines provide the ability to increase your manufacturing or warehousing capacity within just a couple hours. Double your floor space without incurring the hassles of moving, renovations, or new construction.

    More Information on Mezzanines

    Mezzanines double floor space and can be custom designed to meet our customers exact requirements. Our customer’s most expensive space, is the space they don’t even know they own! Go up, not out! Call us to start the discussion, and learn how we can ease your storage solution pain.  800-724-4052 x101

    Modular Offices

    Modular Office Systems are a great way to create designated areas in an otherwise open warehouse or manufacturing facility. Most common uses for a Modular Office are for break rooms, plant managers offices, conference rooms, cafeteria's, and Security Guard stations.

    More Information on Modular Offices

    We can custom design a Modular Office to fit most any request. Options are nearly unlimited, including plug & play power, air conditioning, full length glass windows, etc… Call us to discuss your needs 800-724-4052

    Overhead Doors

    Overhead Doors are a necessary component of any loading dock operation. The term Overhead Doors include a large variety of doors from sectional doors, to rolling steel doors, high speed curtain freezer doors, and many more.

    More Information on Overhead Doors

    Choose the best door for your commercial door application. We offer a broad spectrum of options to choose from. Based on your application, we can help you filter through your needs including Operation, Appearance, Durability, Cost of Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, and Initial Cost.

  • Overhead Door Options
  • Scissor Lifts

    Scissor Lifts have become a very common piece of equipment in many workplaces. Scissor lifts are most commonly used to lift materials to an ergonomic height for loading and offloading of materials by an employee.

    More Information on Scissor Lifts

    Depending on your application, Scissor Lifts are available in many different configurations. Different options exist for varying capacities, platform sizes, raised heights, base dimensions, and much more including Stainless Steel lifts for the food industry.

    Storage Products

    We offer a large selection of Storage Products. From Modular Drawer cabinets, to Workbenches, Pallet Racking, and Wide Span shelving, we offer the largest selection at the most competitive prices in the industry.

    More Information on Storage Products

    Whether your looking to overhaul your entire parts room, or add just a couple shelving sections to an existing storage area, we can help you find the best products to fill your need from the most trusted brands in the industry!

    Stretch Wrappers

    Stretch Wrapping Machines are used in many factories just prior to the shipment of goods. Stretch Wrapping machines allow for the ability to stack multiple units of product on one pallet for shipping purposes.

    More Information on Stretch Wrappers

    We carry a large selection of Arpac Stretch Wrappers to fill most any application. From simple one pallet semi manual wrapping machines, to heavy duty dual pallet fully automatic wrapping machines, we can quote the best solution for your facility.