Secure Your Weapons

Rousseau Weapons Storage

Features and Benefits

  • Two welded vertical security bars for padlock
  • Heavy-duty drawers rated at 400 lbs with lifetime warranty on the rolling mechanism
  • Full height sides of drawers means more difficult to break in to
  • Double face drawer makes it more difficult to open
  • All weapons are hidden in the cabinet: does not attract attention from non-authorized personnel

Rousseau Weapons Storage 1


Protect Your Weapons

  • Weapons components are not in direct contact with the metal in the cabinet – providing maximum protection
  • Groove trays in PVC, high density foams, partitions & dividers, racks with dipping PVC, PVC liners and more, protect material from shocks and direct contact with steel
  • Important, components from the same weapon should be stored in different cabinets for further increased security.

Rousseau Weapons Storage 2

Get the Flexibility You Need

  • Cabinets available with many widths and heights: can accept C6, C7, C8, C9, 9mm, & shotgun
  • Heavy duty bases available at 2″ and 4″ high to improve ergonomics
  • Full width handle provides maximum space for identification of contents

Rousseau Weapons Storage 3