Keg Racking 2

Here is our newly released State-of-the-Art Keg Racking System for Craft Beer brewers and distributors.

Many Craft Brewers are keging their highly prized specialty brew in kegs that are commonly referred to as sixers (1/6 barrel kegs). A 1/6 barrel keg holds 5 gallons of beer. Brewers use the 5 gallon keg to give bars and beer distributors the ability to offer many specialty beers on tap at the same time.

Storing these 1/6 barrel kegs brings complications for the breweries and distribution centers.

The kegs are small enough to be handled by one man, unlike the standard 1/2 Keg. The problem that presents itself is how to properly store these kegs. The keg itself is the same height as a standard 1/2 barrel, however the base diameter is greatly reduced, which makes tipping these over very easy. It is also hard to place them on a standard slotted pallet without one of the edges falling into the open space on the pallet. All in all, it’s a logistical nightmare for brewers and distributors alike.

With this first-in first-out keg racking system. Rather than standing up, the kegs lay on their side and roll down to the front of the rack where they can be picked by an order puller.

This new design greatly reduces the amount of wasted real estate that brewers and distributors have been tying up in their warehouses in order to make room for the onslaught of sixer kegs moving to the forefront of the industry.