Keg Racking System

Beer SnobWhen it comes to the safe keeping of products, there is likely no more important product to protect than that of the Beer Keg.

With the craft beer frenzy on the rise, and for good reason :), we are finding craft breweries and distribution centers alike are looking for a first-in first-out keg racking system.

The rise in the craft beer market has spurred an uptake in the use of smaller 1/6 barrel and 1/4 barrel kegs. If you’ve ever put a 1/2 barrel keg of a beer with a 9% a.b.v. on tap at the house, you’ll end up calling your friends in 3 weeks to help you empty it. It’s just too much of a good thing. I prefer to stick with the 1/6 barrels nowadays. This way by the time my taste buds are getting ready for a change, the keg is about to kick.

With the utilization of the 1/4 & 1/6 barrel kegs, breweries and distribution centers have been seeking a storage solution for these mini symbols of goodness.

The good news is, palletizing orders just got easier! I present to you the keg racking system. See the pictures below,  and call me for pricing 800-724-4052 x101.

This topic is near and dear to my heart, so let’s get a little discussion going, what is your favorite craft beer?

For myself, my craft brewery favorites change with the season. Right now my favorite craft brew is Ommegang’s Rare Vos (It just doesn’t get any better!).  I’ve also been sipping on a few Adirondack Brewing Co’s Bear Naked Ale.

What about you? I’m a craft beer connoisseur so I’d like to see if anyone presents a brew I haven’t tried. Keep in mind I’ve been known to ship in from out of state 😉  Thank you Liquorama!

The job below was an installation at one of our distribution customers here in Central New York. Palletizing orders just got easier!

Keg Racking System

Keg Racking 2

Keg flow rack is a patented product of Bluff Manufacturing